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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: Here in our website indpsy.in we collect the required information from other portals and by filtering it, we update that list. It works with many privacy policies and each and everything is clearly described. The data which we are providing for visitors in this page is true and genuine, as we collect this from other web pages.

Whatever the information we display on this website it is completely protected and recently few of the interested members have subscribed their details in the provided link. Plenty of job hunters will visit the site regularly and they will take down the important information which is mandatory for them.

Large no of job seekers to get all latest job updates they will subscribe in our formal website and we provide the required things which are necessary to use. As in this website indspy.in there are plenty of categories under govt sector hence the interested competitor check the needed things a particular section and find the wanted information.

Most of the candidates spend their sufficient time in finding all job notifications and other respective details from our website. The main aim of our site is to decrease the unemployed candidates in our society so that we focus on placing all the state wise notifications here. You can notice DART cookies option which provides the effective information about total no of job hunters who are viewing the page daily.

In our website, we maintain certain privacy policies which are clearly mentioned below.

Collection and Usage of Data: We generally collect the important information from the users and keep this a secured one. It can be used for various connection services that are obtainable on our site. Non personal details will be received from each and every user after viewing the site and that might be name of the browser, type of computer, Ip address and so on.

Cookies: The cookies generally appear on website and this is used to track the important information about them. User can reject the cookies which sometimes lead to improper function of site. There is a chance for all applicants to delete these cookies which are placed in Privacy option in a browser set up. We will not provide any type cookies for the clients who are visiting the page regularly.


Most of the users who regularly watch all updates they can register in the provided option which is visible after opening the page. The information which we collect from users will be provided security and that data may contain email, password, browser name etc. No need to worry about their details which was given during subscription because we are not going to reveal it for any personal use. Even if they open the form also it cannot be visible for them because we provide security to that database. 

As the IP address is different, all the registered members can relieve from their worry and check out entire notifications and apply for the post which is suitable in all cases. The trusted party Google holds the responsibility for playing ads in the web page and you can read the information from it. It uses Dart cookies for the purpose of ads according to the no of users who visit out site. Depending on the searched term it will play so it is completely job seeker’s wish whether to read that information or not.